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Fanfiction List - Aragorn Angst [Jul. 2nd, 2005|03:00 pm]
aragorn angst


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Fanfiction Collection for Aragorn Angst, in alphabetical order (for lack of better ordering idea) and in no way complete:) And don't forget to check out Marie's extensive Aragorn Angst C2 on ff.net

Last change: 10/28/2008


Shadows and Scars (T, WIP)
Severed bonds, shattered trust. Anger, confusion, resentment, terror, loneliness, pain, guilt. Two people struggle to cope after events rip their friendship apart, can there be forgiveness when some scars can never be healed?


Shadowplay (T)
Sometimes seeking shelter leads into a trap... A teenaged Estel has to face unseen foes that attempt to kill Legolas but want him to stay with them - forever.

Alisha B

False Faces (T)
What if Gandalf wasn't the only one Saruman managed to capture? Now, Aragorn must fight not just the physical battle but also a mental one. With his chances of escape dwindling, he must make a choice, condemn those who trust him or condemn himself.


And So Our Friendship Began (T)
An elf is held captive by a group of humans, Strider among them...

Asylum (T)
Legolas is exiled and travels with a group of humans, trying to hide who and what he is… One take on how Aragorn and Legolas could have met for the first time.

Chance Encounter (T)
Another ‘first meeting’ story of a certain ranger and elf.

Worst Fears (T)
While following the tracks of a fellow ranger Legolas and Aragorn end up in trouble...

Angels Fall

Oaths of Brotherhood (M)
A group of Haradrim ambush Faramir and his companions, taking two of their number captive, but do the men of the South know how valuable their prisoners are?


Mistakes of the Past (T)
What happens when a choice made in the past greatly impacts your future? What happens when you thought you did what was right, but it turned out to be all wrong? What happens when the ghost of the past comes back to haunt you…with a vengeance? Elrond and his family are sure to find out, and they will also learn the difference between rumors and truth.

Mistakes of the Present (T)
After the events following Sarkáhn’s demise, Aragorn faces a greater pain than the everyday injury: exile. Problems arise. Can Legolas and Aragorn, with the help of the Twins mend the mistakes of the present and forget the mistakes of the past?


Irreverence (K)
Angst and drama ahead, 25 chapters daily update. A woman from the past returns to take terrible revenge upon Aragorn, leaving Legolas blind for life. When he is offered the chance to change Legolas’ future, Aragorn accepts.

Worthless (K+)
15-chapter story, quick updates. Angst, torture and much more ahead. Summary:I remember her. Yet then – when she died -, then I remember nothing at all.

Poison (K)
Sequel to Worthless in 10 chapters: Aragorn and Legolas did not expect it to happen, but now something challenges their friendship. A series of events brings them to remember that which had happened before, things best forgotten.

The Summons (T)
For eras he has lived. For many centuries he has seen good and evil battle, always standing on the edges of the fight. But when he crosses the path of a man destined to be the Heir of Gondor, the Demon knows that even creatures like he can have compassion


After Boromir (T)
A fill-in-the-blanks for both Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers, movieverse, based on the reason why the three hunters are one day behind the Orcs who have Merry and Pippin. What happened during that missing day? This story basically focuses on the friendship between the three companions and why they have become so close after the Fellowship parted and before they reached Rohan.

After Today (K)
Complete. Angst and torture. An unexpected course of events sends Aragorn and Legolas off their route home and straight into forced isolation, threatening to become the victims of a destructive plague that is bound to kill a large population.

A good Cry (T)
A fill-in-the-blanks AU-story for the battle at Helm’s Deep (movieverse). What if not everything went as it should have done? What if some did not make it? What if Aragorn would not be able to fulfil his destiny? What if -?

Arrow (T)
An arrow in the middle of the night means trouble for Aragorn.

Brothers in Arms (K)
Complete. Angst and Torture. A Fill-in-the-blanks for ROTK Houses of Healing. Aragorn must heal Faramir and Eowyn, but at what cost? Boromir remembered during Aragorn's efforts to save his friends.

Dum Spiro, Spero (K+)
It happened while I was not at home. It happened when I thought that everything would be fine, when everything finally seemed to have clarity in this life of ours. It happened just when I believed that nothing would ever tear us apart.

In Darkened Dreams (K)
Complete. Angst and torture ahead. Arwen vanishes without a trace from Rivendell, leaving her kinsmen and Aragorn in a desperate search to find her.

I want more (K)
40 chapters of angst ahead: Five years ago Aragorn was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Now – as he has become King Elessar -, the wrong person has come back to draw him into a cat-and-mouse game that may cost the lives of many humans – and Elves

Lightning Crashes (K)
Complete. Angst and torture. A simple fight with Orcs ends up in tragedy as Aragorn is wounded and becomes sicker by the minute, not realizing at first that it is not just a cold he is dealing with. It is far worse.

On the Eve of War (K)
Complete. Angst and torture for Aragorn and Legolas. On the Eve of War Legolas is unexpectedly gravely wounded. An injured Aragorn fights the demons within and without as he blames himself, endangering his future quest.

Ring the Bells (K)
One-shot: Ring the bells ... because somewhere is Aragorn, lying in a grave.

Six Days to Rivendell (K)
Complete. Angst and torture for Aragorn. A fill-in-the-blanks for FOTR. Arwen takes Frodo to Rivendell, while Aragorn fights to bring The Hobbits to the Elves safely. But as they travel during the six days to Rivendell, a lot of things can go wrong.

Something Dies (K+)
What does one do when something dies? Aragorn is about to find out.

The 24th Hour (K)
Complete. Angst and Torture ahead. En route to Rivendell Aragorn and Legolas end up in a mysterious village with a secret that the villagers will kill for.

The Houses of Good and Evil (K+)
Angst ahead in 14 chapters: At the beginning of a new day, the Houses of Elrond threaten to become the Houses of Evil. In the next twelve hours, Aragorn and Legolas must stop the dark from taking over Imladris forever.

The Long Way Home (K)
Angst ahead, daily update. En route home, a sick Aragorn finds himself even more lost when he encounters forces of nature and many other difficulties that prevent him from taking the easy and short way home.

The Memories of Rohan (K)
Complete story. Angst, torture. Aragorn loses his memories of the events that lead him in the path of a murderer roaming the land of Rohan. Soon enough the Ranger finds himself the target of the murderer who wants him dead.

The Palantir's Call (K)
Complete. Angst and Torture. Fill-in-the-blanks for ROTK. Aragorn knows he must touch the Palantir again, to fight Sauron and see his future unfold, no matter what it might cost him.

To See Gondor Again (K)
Shortstory: Aragorn dropped his sword and stumbled backwards, hitting the wall behind him hard. He could not go any further than he already was, unable to move. He could not think, not act.

What Has Been Foretold (K)
Complete. Angst and torture. The continuous sighting of a strange figure and visions causes Aragorn to believe lives will be lost in Rivendell on the night of the Midsummer’s Eve Feast. But does anybody believe him as he fights to survive?

Without Wings (K)
Complete story. Angst and torture. For one second Aragorn thought he had wings. But then it all came crashing down. And so did he.

Yaná (K)
Five years ago, a baby’s life was in mortal danger. Today, Aragorn is.


Conversations with the King (T)
Aragorn's trip to Ithilien goes awry.


Hold on (K+)
A series of drabbles that made up my entry in the July Teitho challenge. Plus the conculsion which was too big to enter.

Race of their Lives (M)
My response to the Break Aragorns Collarbone Challenge on the Aragorn Angst board.

Race of their Lives: The Race Continues (M)
Following on from Race of Their Lives. Faramirs home is attacked and two who mean the world to the King of Gondor and the Elf Lord of Ithilien are taken. How far will Elessar and Legolas go to get their loved ones back and at what cost?


Awakened Memories (PG13)
The Fellowship reaches Caras-Galadhon, where Gimli speaks rudely to Haldir, the marchwarden. That triggers to Aragorn some memories long forgotten about the first time that he passed through Moria – and also the time that he met a most unusual friend…


The Mariner's Son (T)
The One Ring is not the only ring that brings peril to the Heir of Isildur. (This story placed 1st in "The Sea, The Sea" Teitho Challenge.)

Calenlass Greenleaf

Bring Him Home (T)
An injured Aragorn tries to make it home in heavy rainfall. Will be only two chapters long. Written for the EAC challenge “Forces of Nature.”

Cassia & Siobhan

(Series: The Mellon Chronicles - not all stories added, please check author notes for the whole series)
Hope (G)
Young Aragorn has a nightmare and Elrond comforts him. Aragorn discovers that elves sleep with their eyes open.

Father's Love (G)
Hurt by the taunts of his young friends, little Aragorn runs away and hides in the forest after breaking his arm, convinced that being adopted means his elven father doesn't really want him. Elrond and his sons must find the youngest member of their family and set things straight.

First Meetings (PG 13)
Aragorn and Legolas meet for the first time. Aragorn is in his early twenties and nearly gets killed when he ignores his adopted father's good advice. Legolas finds him, but must fight the demons of his past in order to help the young human.

Change of Heart, Change of Mind (PG 13)
Aragorn and Legolas are beginning to become friends, but not everyone in Mirkwood looks kindly on this, or upon they young human ranger. When Legolas' life is threatened, Aragorn is the one person available who knows how to save him, but will the others listen to him before it is too late?

Exile (PG 13)
When Aragorn is accused of murder, he and Legolas risk everything, including their lives, to discover the truth. But just how much will justice end up costing?

Return (PG 13)
Sequel to Exile. Legolas and Aragorn venture into the Mines of Moria to help Balin, only to get more than they bargained for. Meanwhile, Mirkwood is falling into darkness. Her only hope ends up resting in the hands of the two people she has scorned, and Legolas & Aragorn will risk more than their lives to save her.

You Make me Home (PG 13)
Vignette. A young Aragorn is injured while out with the rangers. With the more seriously wounded demanding all the immediate attention, Elladan and Elrohir make sure their little brother is not forgotten.

Mistaken Identity (PG 13)
A dark elf with a burning hatred for men is terrorizing the countryside around Rivendell. Unfortunately, that elf bears a striking resemblance to Prince Legolas. An innocent visit from Mirkwood to Rivendell lands Legolas in more trouble than he bargained for, but he is not the only one, because when the dark elf's deadly designs become focused on Aragorn, everyone finds themselves in danger.

Vilya (PG 13)
A devastating earthquake rocks Rivendell and the surrounding areas, leaving chaos and heartbreak in its wake. With Elrond on the brink of death, Aragorn runs away, convinced that he is responsible. Legolas must try to find him before the disaster can claim his life as well. Angry townspeople, a flooding river and the forces of nature conspire against them all, leaving no one unscathed. The waters are rising, Rivendell is about to be washed away, and the one person who could save her lies dying...

Black Breath (PG 13)
When tragedy strikes, the last thing Legolas wants to do is leave Rivendell and his friends... but when he does, what will he encounter? And will Aragorn be able to save him from it before the elf prince loses more than just his life?

Sickness (G)
Aragorn gets sick and Legolas, coming from a race that does not know illness, tries to understand what that must be like.

The Seventh Stone (PG 13)
When Aragorn and Legolas come into the possession of an ancient map that tell where one of the lost Palantiri is hidden they end up in more trouble than they bargained for, as it seems that everyone wants to get their hands on the stone, no matter the cost. But a more sinister force is at work than even the elf and the ranger realize.

Betrayal (PG 13)
After a long absence, Legolas is finally returning home to Mirkwood. But what will he and Aragorn find when they get there? Trouble more severe than either of them could have ever guessed is stirring in the Wood-elves realm and treachery beyond imagining. The resulting struggle may be more than either the elf or the ranger can handle... and if they can't, then not only they, but all of Mirkwood is doomed.

Priceless Treasure (PG 13)
A generation apart, two adventures become one. While wintering in Mirkwood, Aragorn is taken captive by a bounty hunter with a mysterious objective, leaving Legolas, Elrond, Elladan and Elrohir in a desperate struggle to save the young human before it is too late. 80 years later, Aragorn is King of Gondor, but the shadows of the past do not lie quietly and he, Legolas and Gimli find themselves in their own frightening quest to save Aragorn's young son Eldarion from someone who wants to see the King dead. Past, present and future converge in a swirling blizzard of events when Legolas makes the ultimate sacrifice for his best friend and a father's worst nightmare comes true... twice.

The Stars of Harad (PG 13)
When Aragorn falls in love with Arwen, it seems that he has done the one thing that could ever divide he and his elven family. Certain that his home is his no longer, Aragorn leaves with the rangers, attempting to forget the heartache of all he has lost... What he did not count on was losing his memory and forgetting *everything*. Now, to find him, Legolas must join the very men who have captured and enslaved his friend, he must be one of them... and he must pay the dreadful penalty when their confidence is broken. But if Aragorn cannot remember, cannot trust the elf he no longer knows... will it all have been in vain?

Never Alone (PG 13)
When 13-year-old Estel is injured, the twins and Elrond remember some other difficult times in their own respective youths and a special gift is given across generations, reminding us that none of us are ever truly alone.

Dark Visions (PG 13)
Aragorn is having disturbing dreams about his friend Legolas. When he sees the prince's death in the Mirror of Galadriel he sets out to try to change the future. Yet it seems that the fates, a ring of horse thieves and a deadly venom are determined to conspire against Legolas before his friend can even reach him. Even with Elrond's help, will Aragorn be able to keep his visions from coming true?

Traitor (PG 13)
Fifteen years is a long time... a long time in which Aragorn and Legolas have not seen one another. When Legolas is accused of being a traitor to Gondor there are some who would like Aragorn to think that things have changed more than he realizes. Embroiled in a strange mesh of deception and intrigue Legolas' one chance may rest with his old friend... but will Denethor's dislike of Aragorn turn the elf into a pawn in more than one game? And can any of them figure out how they are really being betrayed before Legolas and Gondor both pay the price?

Escape from Mordor (PG 13)
Legolas has been sold into slavery in Mordor, but after everything he has been through, his wounded spirit no longer has the strength to endure. By venturing into the heart of Sauron's realm, Aragorn puts at risk the thus far carefully guarded and deadly secret of his identity. But if Aragorn does not find Legolas soon, the prince will die; one way or another. Yet even when he is found... can the two friends, alone against all of Mordor, ever manage to escape the death trap of the dark lands?

Curse of Angmar (PG 13)
Aragorn and Legolas wanted only to rest and heal after their harrowing experiences in the south. But fate has other plans. Evil has always haunted the Barrow Downs near the Shire, but now strange things have begun happening and many are saying that the wights have awoken to haunt the countryside. Aragorn and Legolas, along with Aragorn's brothers and fellow rangers, must ascertain the truth of what is going on, but will what they find be more than they can deal with?

Siege of Dread (PG 13)
Rivendell has always been a place of peace. When that tranquility is threatened it leads to a cascade of events that seek to destroy Aragorn's adopted family. Two mysterious figures from the past become suddenly important and in a bizarre turn of events, Aragorn and Legolas find themselves faced with trying to save not only the future of Rivendell, but Mirkwood as well... if they can save themselves, first.

Between Darkness and Dawn (PG 13)
Thus far, Aragorn and Legolas have managed to repeatedly cross the path of an ancient evil and escape with little notice taken... but that luck has just run out. The Witch King is very curious about the beings who have twice evaded and thwarted him. He wants to know who they are... especially the human. When he is deliberately poisoned, Aragorn's only hope of survival is to follow the Wraith's summons to Angmar, where lies the antidote. To stay with him now, Legolas must choose to walk willingly into the arms of the darkness that has once enslaved, and once broken his spirit. Imprisoned by a brutal host, the flame of the ranger's hope begins to dim, even as Legolas struggles to keep it alive.

Cheryl W.

Buried (T)
Secrets of Aragorn’s family are revealed and they threaten to cost Aragorn, not only the relationship he has with all those he holds dear, but his very life.

Mire (T)
Aragorn is injured in a mire.

The Touch of the Palantir (K)
My own small filler scene after Aragorn touches the palantir.

Copper Tragic

Tearful at the Falling of a Star (K+)
When Estel [Aragorn] learns that Elrond is not really his father, his world is turned upside down. Suddenly feeling orphaned and homeless, he begins to question everything. Will young Estel find a home and a father's love?

Every Move you Make (T)
Estel accompanies a negotiations committee headed by Elladan and Elrohir. But when something goes wrong, Estel and Legolas, who has met an edan for the first time, are forced to make difficult decisions, and face things they would rather deny.

Deana Lisi

Acceptable Risk (K+)
Legolas and Aragorn get into trouble on their way from Mirkwood to Rivendell...trouble that could cost one of them their lives.


With Hope and Without Hope (K)
One decision made differently--the Three Hunters run through that second night of their chase after the Orcs rather than rest--and everything changes. Well, not everything. They're merely captured like Merry and Pippin. One decision changed doesn't change one's destiny, however. Reaching the fate destiny has in store for them is a bit peskier, though... There's action, adventure, suspense, a bit of angst, and hopefully an enjoyable story for all.


Encroaching Darkness (T)
What danger lurks in Middle-earth?


Thorongil (K+)
Aragorn's journeys under the name 'Thorongil'.

Elizabeth Goode

Exiled (T)
What will happen when Elrond discovers Arwen and Estel's love? Will father and son be reconciled?

By Some Evil Spell (T)
Sequel to Exiled, by same author. When Estel, Legolas, Elladan, and Elrohir go on a scouting expedition for Elrond and Gandalf, it is only the beginning of their troubles.


Toward the Sunrise (K+)
Aragorn “Thorongil” has convinced Ecthelion that a raid on Umbar is Gondor’s best hope. Now he must face–and defeat–the mighty Corsairs of Umbar.


Wayfairing Strangers (K+)
A very young Aragorn tries to prove himself but ends up lost in the woods. Upon meeting a benevolent stranger, Aragorn and his new friend end up immersed in trouble.

Emily V

Therefore, I have Hope (T)
A different take on how Aragorn and Legolas met. Wood-elves arrive in Imladris and quickly turn Aragorn's life upside-down.


Mortality has no Shield (PG13)
Estel is injured while on a hunting expedition and Legolas keeps him company until help arrives from Rivendell.


By the Hands of Another (PG13)
An unexpected accident brought Aragorn and Legolas to a village seeking for help. While recuperating, the young ranger was accused of a murder that he did not commit. A brutal sentence was carried out and the two grievously injured friends were cast out and left to die in the wild. Will they make it back to Rivendell alive? Was Aragorn really innocent as he claimed to be or was there some other explanation behind the incident?


Fugitive (T, AU)
Boromir is sent after a Fugitive on the run after an attempt is made on the life of the Steward. The sting in this tale is that the Fugitive is Faramir! So who is the mysterious stranger who aids Faramir in his distress?

Hunter (T, AU)
Sequel to Fugitive. Faramir is forced into exile after being beaten by his father and in turn attacking the Steward in self defence. Now he is with Strider's Rangers and is called 'Hunter' Not necessary to have read Fugitive, but an advantage.

The House of Telcontar (T, AU)
Following 'Fugitive'Hunter' part three of this AU series deals with the Ring War. Complete.


The Blind Cannot See What the Mute Can Not Say (AU, T)
W hat if Aragorn and Legolas had meet under different circumstances? What would have happened if Legolas had meet Estel (Aragorn) with a disibility that can not be seen by the man but can be heard? Will both elf prince and human learn to trust?

Blind Trust ( AU, T)
Follows after The Blind Can Not See What the Mute Can Not Say. As Aragorn struggled with the thought that Legolas has decided against their friendship; he tries to get a group of four young hobbits to trust him and his skills to lead them to Imladris.


Blood of a Brother: Hide (PG13)
Legolas does not realize how much a year affects a human, let alone twenty-seven. And going this long without seeing his best friend is more than he can bear. But, even when he meets Aragorn again, he hardly recognizes him and sees despair so strong upon the man that he fears that Estel has lost all hope in himself. Can Legolas help him regain that hope, or will Aragorn give up his mission to reclaim the throne and hide away from the world once more?


Doomed to Live (T, WIP, AU)
Boromir lives, but Aragorn is captured along with Merry and Pippin at Parth Galen. For some, life becomes worse than death. No slash, no Mary-Sue. Rated R for violence.

Gandalf's Apprentice

The Sword of Elendil (K+, WIP)
Aragorn, age 20, leaves Rivendell to rejoin the Dunedain, and must come to terms with being Isildur's heir. Ends with his leaving for Rohan and Gondor at age 26 as Thorongil. Rated for some battle scenes and deaths.


In the Lenghtening Shadow (T)
Legolas and Aragorn become lost in the wilderness of Middle Earth. When Aragorn is captured Legolas must travel to the brink of the shadow to find him, but will he be too late?


Then and Now (PG13)
A story in two parts...part one, Legolas and his father partake in war parties in Mirkwood. Legolas makes a sacrifice to save his father. Part two, Aragorn and Legolas travel and the young man finds himself in the same shoes Legolas once war all those years ago.


Elladan (M)
Blood, heat torment. How much could he suffer before giving in.

Finnelmathen (T)
Lost in a world unlike their own Aragorn and Legolas must depend upon the strength of their friendship to survive.

Tales from Middle Earth (T)
Once upon a time when the world was young, there lived an elf and a ranger...

Tales from Middle Earth, The First Time (M)
On a ride from a place beyond the mountains Aragorn has an encounter that changes his life.

Tales from Middle Earth, By Finrod's Beard (K+)
A short story of what happened once when Aragorn and Legolas...

Tales from Middle Earth, The Harad Road (M)
You know those stories in which Legolas and Aragorn fall in love, get married and have a baby. This one isn't like that.

Tales from Middle Earth, The Worm (T)
An elf, a ranger and a rather pesky worm. How can something so small cause so much pain...


Through the Dimril Gate (K)
‘I too once passed through the Dimrill Gate,’ said Aragorn quietly; ‘but though I also came out again, the memory is very evil. I do not wish to enter Moria a second time.’ - the story of Aragorn's first trip in Moria.


Borderline (K+)
While Aragorn and one of his rangers are on a scouting mission, the Chieftain of the Dunedain has to make a decision that will change his life forever. There are some lines that need crossing, but others should be left in peace.

Broken Trust (K+)
While on his way to Imladris, Aragorn and some of his rangers have to stay at a small village for the night. When they are accused for a crime that calls of a severe punishment, Aragorn takes a decision that could cost him more than only a sleepless night.

Blame (K+)
After his taxing experience in a small town in the wilderness with his rangers, Aragorn finally reaches Imladris, but the peace and quiet he so yearns for lies beyond his reach, as his brothers Elladan and Elrohir reveal the secret he tried to hide. And things turn even worse, when their trust in him begins to crumple, and Aragorn has to face not only his own uncertainties, but that of his family as well.

Delw yomenie (Deadly encounter) (T)
Aragorn and Legolas encounter something deadly.....

From Dusk till Dawn (K+)
Aragorn and Legolas have woken something that should have better been left in the shadows of old. Now it is awake - angry, evil, immortal...and hungry. It hunts them, it smells them, it sees them...Can the two friends escape it?

In the Shadows (K+)
A dark figure sits in an inn, but his thoughts are neither that of a drunk man nor that of a glad man. No, he has different thoughts, thoughts that might very well be his downfall.

Lothamarth (T)
Strider, or Estel to his friends, visits Mirkwood while travelling with the rangers and Legolas wants to show him something very special, but things turn to the worst for the two friends and Legolas' past becomes his present.

Sometimes I Wonder (K+)
Dark was the night when the Nazgul came to Sarn Ford and swept away the guard of rangers. Would things have been different had their Captain been with them? And why was Aragorn late to meet the Hobbits in Bree?

The Assassin (K+)
On their way back to The Angle from Bree, Aragorn and Halbarad run into more trouble on the way than they can manage. Who will escape the wheels of fate and who will pay the ultimate price?

To Save a Friend (T)
Have you ever imagined why Pippin was so affected by the palantir? No? Well, we all know about the power of Sauron. But why was our beloved ranger not affected in the same way? He touched the seeing stone. He was unprepared, eager to save a friend. Was is Gandalf who helped him? Or maybe our elf friend? Or was there something else that happened to the future king? Was he saved at all? We all know how well the stubborn human can hide injuries. Read this story and find out.

What if ... Weathertop (T)
What if not Frodo, but Aragorn was stabbed on Weathertop?

Where Few Dare to Go (K+)
After Aragorn leaves Minas Tirith and defeats the Corsairs at Umbar, he left the service of the Steward, crossed the Great River Anduin at Pelargir and was last seen facing Mordor. This is what could have

The Roots of Evil (T)
An old enemy seeks revenge on Aragorn by using a most whicked poison, but not only Aragorn has to pay, but his brothers as well. When Legolas is drawn into the evil game as well, things turn for the worst. And this time, not even Imladris can offer healing or hope.


Elladan's Trial's for Estel (T)
Estel is kidnapped and Elladan finds the ransom note, can he, Elrohir, and Legolas save Estel and protect Lord Elrond from an insane Elf?


No Home Here (K+)
What starts out as a simple scouting trip for young Estel turns disastrous as the ranger is caught in a blizzard.


Fever Dreams (PG)
While wandering around in the rain, Aragorn catches a cold. However, not knowing that it isn't an usual cold, he doesn't act carefully - until it is too late...


Finding Hope (T)
My AU version of how Aragorn comes to live with the elves of Imladris. I cannot do summaries, so for my sake and sanity, please just take a peek.

Kasmi Kassim

Beasts of Burden (PG)
A deathly ill Ranger walks through a storm in the dark depths of Mirkwood, determined to accomplish one thing before his death.


Prejudices (T)
Estel meets Thranduil for the first time when he accompanies Legolas home. Will Mirkwood's king accept the Ranger? Or will Thranduil's prejudices win out, causing a rift between him and his son?


The Flight of the Nine Nazgûl (T)
AU story. When Aragorn looks into the palantir he alerts Sauron to his presence. But what methods does Sauron go to, to destroy the one person who can destroy him?

Legolass Q

For the Love of the Lord of the White Tree (K)
The greatest of kings can be overwhlemed by the weight of responsibility. The greatest of friendships can be threatened by an unexpected challenge emerging from the shadows of the past. And Aragorn and Leoglas face both.

In Shadow Realm (K+)
As Aragorn walks the shadowed road of incomplete redemption to an unknown end, he finds light in the devotion of an elven friend who has promised to tread all his paths with him, and hope in the steadfastness of all who love him.


Bitten (T)
Aragorn must travel to distant Rhûn and what he finds there is much more than he could ever imagine. When he fails to return, it is left to Legolas to search for him and bring him home. But is he too late?

Liek Visser

Stillness of Grief (T)
Young estel finds that sometimes help does not come, and even adults don't know everything.


After the Feast (K+)
Even the mightiest have their fears... Aragorn questioning the choices he made and how they affected others.


Hidden Days of Healing (T)
After the ring is detroyed,Aragorn attempts to heal the injured Hobbits but overlooks his own well being to the horror of Legolas and Gimli.

Shadow and Thought (M)
Despite being happily married to Arwen and King of Gondor, Aragorn is lonely and despondent at Faramir's shyness and Eowyn's obvious and perplexing hatred. Determined to get to know them better,he invites them to a remote hunting lodge, oblivious of the dangers awaiting which could cost him his life.

Burden of Guilt (M)
Aragorn’s and Faramir’s friendship and the Steward’s very life is threatened after a violent and tragic incident with Eomer leads to the Steward’s imprisonment and brutal beating. Can Aragorn find a way to save his friend ? Meanwhile Arwen prepares to give birth.

Web of Treason (M)
Rebel lords plot to bring about the downfall of the monarchy,leaving Gondor's future in the hands of a grief stricken Faramir, who finds himself caught in an increasingly complex and evil plot.

Linuvial Greenleaf

Deception's Dangerous Web (T)
Nightmares haunt Legolas, nightmares of Aragorn's demise at the hands of a faceless elf. When Aragorn starts having the same nightmares about Legolas, he heads off to Mirkwood. Can the two friends survive this latest misadventure?

Dementia of Love (T)
Revenge and anger can turn anyone to insanity. Revenge and anger have a tendency of reaching new levels previously thought untouched. The twins, Aragorn, and Legolas have touched this precipice and one may not survive.

Fading Flame (T)
Aragorn and Legolas have always managed to pull each other back from the brink of death. But they have always wanted to come back. When Aragorn loses his will to fight, can Legolas restore it? Or will he have to say goodbye this time?

Something Wicked this Way Comes (T)
To forfeit your life for that of a friend...the greatest sacrifice. To spare nothing for one last moment together...the greatest love. Being unable to do either...the greatest evil.

Maethril Aranel

Nameless Exile (T, WIP)
Strider is a Ranger, an exile living in the treacherous wild. But despite being able to overcome physical obstacles, can he survive the demons of his own mind? Or will his salvation be in the hands of a mysterious elf that he fears to call a friend?

Maranwe Elanor

False Reality (T)
A new threat walks the lands of Middle-earth, terrorizing the free peoples and haunting the Wilds and the Ettenmoors. Companies and caravans have been attacked, many of the people wiped out. Few have escaped the wrath of these mysterious attackers. News have come to the Rangers--specifically, Aragorn.

Of Memories and Nightmares (T)
Picks up a week after the conclusion of False Reality. Aragorn, Elladan, and Elrohir are back in Rivendell safe and sound. Or are they? The poison has been neutralized and all appears well. But things are not always as they seem. Darkness has many forms and shadows creep with the wavering of light. When Aragorn has a dream of doom and travels to Mirkwood to prevent catastrophe, will he find the danger he feared or is it something different? Will he be able to face it? Or will the darkness prove too much?


By Life or Death (T)
AU, book canon. Strider and the four hobbits encounter a troll during their journey to Rivendell. Includes an explanation as to why Aragorn carries the Broken Sword.


In the Hands of the Enemy (PG13)
When Aragorn is waylaid by bandits while racing to answer an urgent summons from Gandalf, he gains an unexpected ally whose loyalties are suspect. With Gandalf and Halbarad in pursuit, can Aragorn discern friend from foe and escape the hands of the Enemy before he is forced to reveal the secret of the Shire?

A Matter of Honour (PG13, WIP)
Sequel to "In the Hands of the Enemy." Gandalf and Halbarad deliver a wounded Aragorn into Elrond's care, but when a curious hobbit uncovers a secret long-hidden in Rivendell, Aragorn must embark on a quest that could cost him all that he holds dear.

Merenwen Aldalas Silverleaf

The Sight (M)
Within mere hours of returning home to Rivendell after a long journey, Aragorn is attacked and taken without a trace left. Nothing... that is, except for a very short note to Elladan and Elrohir from an elf they hadn’t seen since they were small.


Heart of Ice (T)
What starts out as a lazy summer afternoon in Rivendell soon turns into an adventure that leads Aragorn and Legolas into a wintry forest.

Hope Lost, Hope Regained (T)
When hope is lost, has it really abandoned Elrond and his family? Or is it waiting just around the corner?

Horse and Rider (T)
Thorongil has to fight unexpected obstacles.

One Struggle More (K+)
Thorongil is reminded that there are different ways to save a person.

Only Water In Your Veins (T)
A foray into the enemy's land goes awry and Aragorn finds himself in a perilous situation.

M. N. Theis

Perchance to Dream (R)
Two years after the War of the Ring, a bitter conflict with the Easterlings leaves Legolas in terrible danger and all of Gondor on the brink of destruction.

Misty Cracraft

Trapped (PG)
Aragorn finds himself trapped in darkness as he journeys home.


Yearning for Home (K+)
WoodElf Challenge: Pick your Poison. He clutched at his chest and waited for the coughs to subside, hoping against hope that his fellow men had not heard him. Breathing heavily, Strider lay back down on his bedroll and tried to calm his racing heart.


Shades of Fear (T, WIP)
Remembering become a vision and Elrond knows, that his sons are in deathly danger... Aragorn will be their last hope. But is there really hope?


And by the Love of Him Also (T)
When Aragorn decides to travel to the sea for his health, Legolas seems the perfect companion. But why is he becoming so strange and withdrawn? Just what is he risking for Aragorn's sake?


He's Gone (T)
Aragorn and Legolas caught by orcs: dejá vù, right? Torture and eventual escape? If only things could be that simple... What started out as a nightmare of a trip, turns into a catastrophe – and they would give anything to be able to go back and change the past. But appearances can be deceiving…

The Weight of Power (T)
Years have passed since Aragorn came to Rohan, serving under the name of Thorongil. Now, an unknown adversary threatens Rohan, and Aragorn--as usual--is caught up in the middle of it.

The Wrong One (T)
A murder is unknowingly hindered by Estel. There are harsh consequences. Legolas & the twins rush to help, but this time are they in over their heads?


Eagle of the Star (T, WIP)
Aragorn’s time as Thorongil, soldier of Rohan and Gondor, from the events that cause his departure south to the events surrounding his return to his family. This story belongs as much to his family as they wait as it does to Aragorn.


Tied By Family (T)
On a trip to Rivendell, Aragorn and Legolas literally walk into a trap. Soon Legolas, Elladan and Elrohir set out to rescue Estel with no idea of what’s in store – the surprises, the mind games and the tangled web of hate that is revenge.


An Eye for an Eye (T)
When someone from the past resurfaces and threatens Rivendell and its inhabitants, can Elrond with the help of Legolas protect his sons and especially Aragorn from falling victim to his plans? Or will they all get caught in a blaze of revenge and pain?

The Heart of Men (T)
While wintering in Mirkwood, Aragorn and Legolas visit Lake-town. Soon they find themselves thrown head first into chaos, suspicion and greed which threaten both their lives and the peace the new King of Dale has managed to uphold.

To Walk in Night (T)
Just before Aragorn should travel back to Rivendell, a Mirkwood patrol is attacked and Legolas captured. When Aragorn finally finds him and his captors, both come to realise that a dark force is stirring in Rhûn that might destroy all they hold dear.

A Sea of Troubles (T)
Returning from the East, Aragorn and Legolas hope to get some peace at last. With one of Rivendell’s delegations missing and war looming on the horizon, however, peace becomes ever more unlikely as they must fight for their friends’ lives – and their own.


Blood Weald (T)
The elf and the ranger run into trouble in Mirkwood. Written for the Teitho Halloween "Boo!" contest.

Buried: The Descent (T)
A young Aragorn has a dreadful time in Mirkwood.

Buried: Revelation (T)
Estel returns to Imladris, bringing with him fears unresolved in Mirkwood.

Buried: Ascension (T)
Legolas is both the one in peril and the hindrance in Aragorn's plans to save him.

Enchain (T)
We affect others even when we are unaware, and the entire family of the Last Homely House will soon discover how terribly that may be true.


Relesen (K+)
A tragic accident threatens to tear the bonds of friendship apart as one friend fights for his life while the other seeks release from his torment and despair.

Scars (T)
A grisly discovery in the present serves to bring about painful memories from the past. Can someone truly be free of the scars of old or will they always resurface to haunt them?


The Summer of Hidden Fears (T)
Someone has been watching the family of Elrond Peredhil for quite some time, and they desperately want revenge, not upon the elf lord himself, but on his adopted son Estel and their frequent guest Legolas.

Sadie Elfgirl

Quietly into the Night (T)
Legolas, Aragorn, and the twins travel to the prince's home, but run into trouble along the way.now Legolas and Aragorn have been captured, and Mirkwood is in danger..

Through the Valley (T)
Every year on the first of June the twins set forth to hunt down their mother’s tormentors, until one day, something goes wrong. Will they survive? Or will they fall into darkness, taking the Hope of Men with them?

To Be a Man (T)
Battling to earn the respect of his family, Aragorn becomes entangled in a web of treachery and deceit that threatens all he holds dear.

Silivren Tinu

Found (T)
On his way to Rivendell Legolas makes a harrowing discovery. Angst, friendship.

The Forest (K+)
On a routine trip to a small village something happens to Aragorn and Legolas that could very well cost both of their lives. Written for Prompt #11 “Hair” on Aragornangst.

Hunted (T)
A horde of orcs is sent out from Dol Guldur on a deadly mission, and when Legolas and Aragorn cross paths with them it soon becomes clear that not only their lives are at stake, but also the fate of the entire Woodland Realm. Friendship, angst, h/c. Pre-LotR.

Wounds (T)
Sometimes words can cause deeper wounds than a sword. When an argument threatens to destroy not only a friendship, but also a life, will two friends be able to survive and find forgiveness, or will it be too late? - Teitho story for the "Winter Wonderland" contest.


Wherever the Surge May Sweep (T, AU)
AU In a much darker Middle Earth than the one we know, Legolas sacrifices everything for Hope.

Stacee Phelps

Celeb Gurth / Silver Death (PG13)
A mysterious disease unleashed upon Middle Earth is targeting those of Númenórean blood. One man is behind the whole thing, but none know him, and none have seen him. No one knows the man's motives, and none can guess. Unknowingly to those it concerns, though, Aragorn, son of Arathorn, is exposed to the disease.

Anything (PG13)
Missing. Captured. Death. All of these words Aragorn was unprepared for when he received news from his best friend. Now, it's a desperate race against time as the heir of Isildur must fight with everything he has for the prince of Mirkwood's life. Risking anything and everything, Aragorn is determined to save his friend.

Susan Zell

Aftermath (T)
What happened in the aftermath that was Helm’s Deep.

The Otherworlder

Eagle Star, Hunter Moon (T)
Wisdom is knowing both sides of the tale, and Aragorn, reverred captain of Gondor, beloved friend of Harad, knows exactly the pain of such wisdom. How does one choose when caught between two warring nations, neither in the wrong?


Shatterpoint (T)
Legolas is captured and tortured by a man he believes is Aragorn. Little does he realize this is only the hatching of a wicked plot devised by a man who would do anything to see not the Prince of Mirkwood but the Heir of Isildur utterly destroyed.Epilogue


Starveling (K+)
Of Rat and Wolf : Part 1 :: Aragorn encounters an enigmatic street urchin : demonstrating the delicate inequality between animal and human. But when Estel falls gravely ill, will the orphan leave his animalistic ways behind to aid the ailing stranger?


Castle 1+2 (T)
Angered by the death of Denethor Lady Saborian, a wealthy Lady from Gondor, takes action to change the course of history. The King of Gondor shall lose his reign.- It is a story with Aragorn in the leading action, the rest of the known characters assist.

Untrodden Path (K+, WIP)
TA 3017 - When the quest for Gollum fails due to a mishap, a sick Ranger finds shelter in a small village. But this is only the beginning of a new part of Aragorn's search.


From the Midlands (T)
To borrow a few lines from the great W. Shakespeare (Hamlet): “To die, to sleep; to sleep perchance to dream. Ai! There’s the rub. For who can say in that sleep of death what dreams my come?” But is this really a dream? Or is this a nightmare?


The Miracle (K+)
Severely injured Aragorn curls up under a bush, thinking he will have to suffer alone and perhaps even die alone but then he gets a miracle.


It's nothing (T)
Aragorn attempts to hide an illness from an injured Legolas, with nearly tragic results for both of them. No slash.



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